Feasible GDPR solutions

GDPR — Fact  not an Option The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents the most significant change in global privacy law in 20 years. The GDPR imposes important new obligations on any business that handles the data of individuals living in the EU, independent of where the business is located. Under the new… Continue reading Feasible GDPR solutions

Meta Trader Platform, Solution & Technical Architecture

Meta Trader is very popular FX Trading Platform This project was all about improving platform resilience through Architecture that is fit for purpose. Where purpose is improved scalability, resilience and thus compliance. Company was in the business development stage where Compliance was the primary driver. Base Architecture with Platform Requirements   Version One Version Two Version… Continue reading Meta Trader Platform, Solution & Technical Architecture

Direct Banking

DBJ Process

Clarendon Group, business and architecture development method. Loosley based on CVP and firmly based on TOGAF.

Indirect Information Exchange

Architectural patterns are actually very rare. And even less really useful. But, this time I think I have proven the opposite. As far as level of usability goes.

SharePoint Pod Architecture

Most of the customers need self manageable SharePoint farms. Something they “can put hands on”. Not large “sacred” farms in distant data centres. Operated by high priests of the SharePoint church. How to serve this organizations? Is it at all feasible to do this? I started thinking along these lines, way back in Nov. 2010.… Continue reading SharePoint Pod Architecture

Enterprise Apps for Insurance

Consulting done for a customer enjoing a great trust in the Insurance Markets IT community. Very interesting attempt in using SaaS concepts and “Mendix” platform to deliver focused SaaS/PaaS App-lications market.

Protected: Please contact us for a password. Nationwide Mobile Workers Solution

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Resilient Business Integration Platform

DBJ*BIZ is  Business Integration Service. Architecture presented is delivering a solution based on  resilient messaging added to the transaction routing hub. System is eminently scalable and resilient. Compliance and Security can be readily solved with message encryption and SSL. BizTalk platform is at the logical centre of the DBJ*BIZ system. But it is outside of the customers responsibility. Customers… Continue reading Resilient Business Integration Platform

Integration and BPA

An architectural solution domain (aka Solution Architecture), for the BPA system based on Tranzax™ BPA Platform. The problem domain was primarily defined by the requirements for the integration of separate business processes into a functionally meaningful solution. This IT system is viewed as a typical ―Enterprise Class system. A system, requiring an large-scale integration of… Continue reading Integration and BPA