Strong types and C. Possible and Even Better than C++.

ucrt problems

You are a software developer. The feature image above is not strange. It is a shredded glass on particular path you have chosen. You are first-time reading two header files of two phone book components. Your task is to select and use one.



Which one is better and why? Continue reading “Strong types and C. Possible and Even Better than C++.”

c++ The Mithycal Console App

Why hiding it, I like this diagram. A lot. It represents a typical “cloud side” (Azure) system using some component called “XYZ”, that happens to be written in C or C++. Most likely C, because it has to be integrated with NODE.JS.

Spot your product
Spot your product

You are C/C++ coder/developer/owner (of XYZ) and this is where your component lives these days (2020 Q1). Or in a place much like this one but on a different cloud. Continue reading “c++ The Mithycal Console App”